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Colt McCoy came in for the last possession before time expired.

Jefferson explained to the Cardinals’ website what was going through his head on this play: “I want the quarterback to think I’m manned up on the tight end, since I’d been manned up on him most of the game. (Kaepernick) is going to check the call first, so I’m waiting. I don’t want to move. I want to show that I’m still playing man.”

In other words, he’s waiting for Kaepernick to read the defense and make his protections or audibles before he even thinks about moving, or giving up his intentions.

As the Cards’ website points out, Acho is also “coy, feigning blitz before dropping into coverage.” You can see Acho on the right — he’s in a forward leaning stance, and it does look like he’s prepping to rush the passer. “A lot of times,” said Acho, “offenses will look at your stances, so you never want to make it obvious when you’re blitzing. I try to use the same stance in everything I do. There were some plays when I was the dropper and some plays when I was the rusher. I think that helped. ”

“By no means can we put the blame on Kirk for this one,” Redskins Coach Jay Gruden said. “This was a total team debacle.”
Cousins, who was making his second start this season in place of the injured Robert Griffin, completed 19-of-33 passes for 257 yards while effectively ending the game in the second half with four interceptions. Cousins came into the game with five touchdowns against one pick, but showed his inexperience against the talented Giants secondary.

The former Michigan State star was sacked twice but hit four times, facing pressure behind a battered offensive line. On his last interception, Cousins was hit as he released the ball, allowing Antrel Rolle to catch what amounted to a lazy fly ball. Colt McCoy came in for the last possession before time expired.

Cousins admitted to pressing for a big play as the contest wore on, especially once Washington began to fall behind by a considerable margin.

Sherman Smith: Seahawks missed Beast Mode, need to regain hunger

Former Seattle Seahawks running backs coach Sherman Smith made it clear Friday that he’s no longer with the team because Pete Carroll wanted to make a change.

Before this, you could have made an argument that Revis deserved the benefit of the doubt because of who he is and what he has accomplished in his career. No, he’s not a $15 million cornerback, the amount he’s due to earn in the coming season, but maybe you could have kept him around at a reduced salary. He could have been the elder statesman, helping the franchise as it enters a rebuilding phase. Sure, his man-to-man skills have declined, but he’s always been a solid man off the field, never in trouble with the law.

That scenario — a Revis farewell tour, 2017 — now seems far-fetched.

A decision on Revis’ future is fast approaching. The Jets owe him a $2 million bonus if he’s on the roster the second day of the league year, March 10, so they have to act before then. Revis, who has always seen the Jets as an ATM machine, will have to take a massive pay cut to stick around — if he gets that option. The Jets could decide to simply cut bait, clearing $9.3 million in much-needed cap room.

It won’t be easy to swallow because they owe him $6 million, the fully guaranteed portion of his base salary. No owner, no matter how rich, likes doling out that kind of cash to a fired employee. Is there a chance the Jets could get the $6 million voided because of this incident? In theory, they could try to take that approach, but it would be a long process, complicated by the March 10 deadline.

If it happened, it would be a financial break for the Jets. Imagine: They’d be able to dump a diminished player, save $6 million in actual cash and get a cap credit. But don’t get your hopes up.

The money is only one subplot to this story, which will have twists and turns. If they keep him, it would be a yearlong distraction for the Jets, and they certainly don’t need that, not with coach Todd Bowles heading into a must-win season. Roger Goodell and his disciplinary police will have their say, too, as Revis is subject to a suspension under the NFL’s personal conduct policy.

Peyton Manning working with Broncos to restructure contract, per report

The Denver Broncos and quarterback Peyton Manning are working on restructuring his contract, according to Mike Klis of the Denver Post. Manning, who has not yet committed to returning to football after a poor final two months of last season, is owed $19 million against the salary cap.

Denver could desperately use the cap space created by a restructure. Normally, moving money around would mean converting base salary into bonus, which pushes some guaranteed money down the road. However, Manning might only be thinking of playing one more season, making this a tad more complicated for general manager John Elway. Currently, Manning has two years left on his deal at $19 million per.

“A.J. is a consummate Packer and we are grateful for all that he has given and how he represented the organization over the past nine seasons,” Thompson said in the team’s press release. “He was a durable and consistent contributor to our success, but more importantly, he is a great person and teammate. The Packers are grateful for all that he has done on the field and in the community. We wish A.J., his wife Laura, and the rest of their family all the best.”

Hawk underwent ankle surgery immediately following the season, so his official designation is likely to be waived/failed physical, according to ESPN’s Rob Demovsky. The move saves the Packers $3.5 million in cap space.

“Montee just had a tough year with injuries last year,” said Elway. “It’s just a matter of getting him in the right spot-the right position-and having him be healthy and having him get some confidence. In this offense we’re going to use more than one back and I believe Montee can be very helpful to our football team and do good things for us.

“We still think Montee is a north and south runner. Really, any running offense that is successful has backs that are running north and south. That’s what Montee can do. He can stick his foot in the ground and get north and south. I don’t think he will have any problems adjusting to the new offense.”